Spitzkoppe hunting area: Gaingu Conservancy

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This safari area is the Gaingu Conservancy, in the Spitzkoppe area. Most of the hunting is done in this area, approximately 2 and a half hours drive away from Windhoek toward the coast. It is a huge hunting conservancy, 2700 square miles, where all of the game is free-roaming. Across this distance, the landscape changes from dry with broken mountains to thorn bush land with plains. Despite the dry conditions, it makes it one of the better areas for kudu, oryx, hartebeest, steenbok, springbuck, mountain zebra, leopard and more. Also in this conservancy is a desert, part of the Namib Desert. It is wide open with grass plains and some mountains with dry river beds. The most common game is springbuck. There are also klipspringer, mountain zebra, kudu, steenbok, and leopard.

This area is a Communal Conservancy managed by the local people and their traditional authority. The people benefit from helping to conserve the wildlife in their area. Funds from hunting support schools and other basic services benefiting the people. The official name of the Conservancy is #Gaingu.