Namibia Hunting Safaris

Based on Christian business values, I have 19 years safari hunting experience in Namibia. I’ve hunted plains game and leopard, with big game for the last 7 years. As a guide, I have worked for outfitters and done freelance hunting all over the country. I know the game, and I know Namibia.

Gert van der Walt, professional hunter

Gert van der Walt on safari in Namibia

Now that I am an outfitter and a professional hunter, I want to give you the ultimate hunting experience and the excitement of hunting animals in Africa.

You can choose from my hunting areas in most parts of Namibia: north-east, south,  or west. The majority of hunting is done in the west, about two and a half hour’s drive from Windhoek.

Hunting is done by walking and fair chase. Leopard hunting is mostly done by baiting and waiting in the blind. Most of the hunting trips are done by myself, preferably 2 to 3 hunters at a time.

I particularly enjoy introducing people to hunting for the first time. Often the wives or children of a safari hunter will be interested in trying hunting themselves, and it is a pleasure for me to help them.