New hunting area for 2014: Puros Conservancy

Sunset over the African SkysHunt the Puros conservancy in the extreme north west of Namibia. It is one of the best places to do free roaming game and spend nights in a fly camp under the stars of the namib desert.

It is the home ground of Springbuck, Oryx, Hartman Mountain Zebra. There, you can still see Black Rhino, Elephant and Lion as it was in Africa many years ago and can follow the migration in and out of big dry riverbeds as the season change.

It is a desert area with big open plain with mountains and dry riverbeds that have a fountain (spring) also. It is a life line that all depend on, and take care of with respect.

For more info please feel free to contact me.

Puros Conservancy Special-2014 (PDF)

Puros conservancy is home to some of the best free roaming game in Africa

Rates: US$450/person/day

Travel day US$ 200/person/day

Trophy fees

  • Springbuck US$480
  • Oryx US$650
  • Mountain Zebra US$1000
  • Steenbok US$420
  • Klipspringer US$900
  • Ostrich US$420
  • Giraffe US$2400

Other game like Kudu and wildebeest can be hunt in one of my other areas.

All accommodation, transport, drinks and meals are included.